Healthy Lifestyles Program

Healthy changes in your lifestyle can bring strength to your family.

About this program

This program gives individuals and families the opportunity to work with a certified allied health professional to evaluate their current lifestyle behaviors and identify ways to modify these behaviors and improve their long-term health outcomes.

Our Health Educator will collaborate with you to determine your desired focus areas paying particular attention to behaviors relating to nutrition, physical activity and sleep. Together you will create and implement a Healthy Living Action Plan, including short and long term goals, leading to your desired vision of wellness. Continual motivation and guidance is provided throughout the program to ensure sustainable success.

Who is it for?

This program can be applied to any family or individual who has opportunities to improve their lifestyle.

How does it work?

Your journey to healthy living starts with a private conversation with one of our Health Educators who are experts in lifestyle management and behavioral change. During this initial discussion, a Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire will be completed to determine focus areas. Together with your Health Educator, you will create your Healthy Living Action Plan with realistic and attainable goals for weekly progress and long term success.

Your Health Educator personally meets with you 2-4 times per week in addition to daily guidance, support and encouragement. Physical activity and nutrition education and recommendations based on findings from nationally recognized organizations is provided along with the coordination of community resources that will help sustain wellness improvements. Biometric measurements are taken at regular intervals to gauge progression.

Program length varies based on client need and rate of advancement but can range from 24-48 weeks.

What will this program help me with?

A healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on quality of life for the individual and can also help bring unity in a family. Program goals are customized for individual needs with focus areas ranging from:

  • Nutrition; weight management, goal setting, food tracking guidance, food choice coaching, food label education
  • Physical Fitness; Establish baseline fitness levels, identify appropriate activities, introduction of tools and apps, personalized Health Coaching
  • Sleep; Sleep quality assessment, sleep environment evaluation, identify need for clinical intervention, connect with available resources

The ultimate goal of the Healthy Lifestyles Program is to empower individuals to independently maintain a healthy lifestyle. Success can be measured by advancement in the following key areas:

  • Improved biometric measurements that fall within, or are closer to, medically defined healthy ranges
  • Positive shift in behaviors as newly formed desireable habits replace previous lifestyle patterns
  • Improved attitude towards permanent healthy lifestyle behaviors and establishment of a healthy living mindset
  • Beneficial behavior changes within the family unit as children or minors living in the household engage in or witness role modeling of healthier lifestyle