Re-Engagement Program

When it comes to your education, our goal is to help you finish what you started.

About this program

Central Pa Family Support Services established the Re-Engagement program to assist individuals who have already disconnected from school, either through lack of attendance or by dropping out, or are at risk of disconnecting from their education program. We create the path and provide the emotional support and encouragement needed to re-engage them in their schooling with a commitment to finish.

The Re-Engagement program is also effective in enhancing the education experience for those students enrolled in Cyber School. Our Education Specialists provide focused attention on specifically challenging school subjects and give homework guidance as needed.

For both students in the traditional classroom setting and those in home school situations, we work with your family to create a supportive learning environment in the home as well as a comfortable working space that is inviting to the student, both crucial components in ensuring a successful education experience.

Who is it for?

Our Re-engagement Program is designed to help any individual who is at risk of disconnecting from school or has already dropped out. This includes any adult who would like to complete their GED as well as students enrolled in Cyber School.

How does it work?

Our Re-Engagement Specialists will conduct education sessions 2-3 times per week for 6-9 months depending on the needs of the student. Each session varies in length but could be anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours. Student sessions are specifically focused and provide individualized attention. We will work with all systems involved in educational development, provide information and access to placement GED program and provide encouragement and support during this potentially challenging process.

Our trained specialists help disconnected students by:

  • Evaluating education needs and goals and advising on appropriate academic programs
  • Enrolling in GED classes, supplementing instruction and conducting GED pre-tests
  • Providing access to necessary support services
  • Offering guidance and encouragement to overcome personal and/or system barriers

What will this program help me with?

Our Education Specialist's expertise and familiarity with the education system ensures academic success and positive advancement in the following key areas:

  • GED completion
  • Increased engagement with the school
  • Positive improvement in grades
  • Positive home-school link
  • Decreased or diminished truancy
  • Successful return to school