About Us

We instill hope and empower families and individuals to make positive life changes.

Our Story

Every community includes people who face a multitude of challenges and often get discouraged or feel that their situations are hopeless. We are here to change that. In 2011, Founder and Executive Director Andrew Som created Central Pa Family Support Services to bring hope and a sense of empowerment to these families and individuals.

"We are committed to fostering the emotional growth and development of individuals and families in the community," says Andrew Som, "Our goal is to positively impact the quality of life and the well-being of children and families by connecting them to community resources, advocating for their needs and ultimately instilling a sense of hope and empowerment that a positive change can be made in their lives."

Our story is still being told and so is yours. We can help you find hope in your current situation, whatever it may be. Let us know what you are facing and we will walk you through it. Call us today at 717.614.0130.

Our Funding

Support given to The Som Foundation enables Central PA Family Support Services to help meet the basic needs of families and individuals in our community and teach them how to obtain a self-sufficient lifestyle. You can donate to The Som Foundation below.