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Supervised Visitation Program

About this program

Sometimes families go through difficult and transitional times, with challenges to work through and overcome. We are here to provide a safe and positive way for children to visit with their non-custodial parent during these times so the parent/child relationship can be maintained and strengthened.

Our variety of visitation programs fit the needs of families in different situations within the court system or separation process. Supervised visitation can be applied to parents who have not seen their child for an extended amount of time, parents who are suspected to have an abusive relationship or parents who have had long-term and continued substance abuse or mental illness. In most cases, supervised visitation is a transitional service to ensure contact and collect documentation during an investigation or while a parent is fulfilling other prerequisites to custody.

Who is this for?

Anyone who needs the arrangement of a supervised visit.

How does it work?

We offer a variety of visitation programs to fit the differing circumstances of each family and many families will fall into more than one program. Your specific visitation program depends on the details of your situation.

Reunification: Extended Separation

If there has been a long gap of time in between visitation between parent and child, supervised visitation helps to monitor and record the reunification process. This monitoring assures both the courts and the custodial parent that the child is safe and that visitation is regular. Documentation serves both parents in court, demonstrating the quality of interaction and caretaking by the parent and the history of visitation scheduling.

Court Referral: Domestic Violence, verbal abuse or neglect

If there are concerns about a parent’s ability to provide adequate physical or emotional care for a child, court may refer them for supervised visitation. Supervised visitation provides the non-custodial parent regular access to visitation with their child while an investigation is being pursued by other agencies or while the parent fulfills other requirements of their custody order.

Long-Term Supervision

In rare cases, a parent may be required to have permanent supervised visitation. These cases are usually due to confirmed mental illness, long term and continued drug/alcohol abuse or pending/ordered termination of parental rights.

What will this program help me with?

Supervised visitation will help a parent improve their parent-child interaction habits with the goal of developing a healthy relationship.

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